Thursday, December 10, 2009


Found this new onyx slab called Azul Mary, amazing gray with brown and gold accents.  Wonderful in a bathroom  to go with so many gold or gray stones for the floors and walls.  Glass accents in all the colors of the slab would make this a stunning addition to any home. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This was the first time that I had visited the Wynn and the Wynn Encore and to be perfectly honest I was not impressed with the floors.  They seemed schizophrenic to me, the mosaics were modern and the marble surrounding them was classic.  It looks indecisive, if you wanted to go modern, do that, and if you want the classic look, go there.

The overall look fails when you add in all of the wall treatments and lighting, nothing makes it's own statement when the flooring is so confused.  If you used a solid marble without the surrounding grid lines the mosics would pop out and be interesting.  The yellow grids pull your eyes away from the mosaics which adds to the lack of clarity of an overall vision.

This cafe demonstrates the confusion in the design vision.  I understand that in Vegas, the casinos only make money when poeple are gambling and so you don't want them taking leisurely breaks.  So the fact that this cafe is so jumbled may be on purpose, I just find it visually uncomfortable.  Cues for the design should come from the modern mosaics in the back because that is your initial sight line as you walk by, the iron base tables work with the mosaics but not the red and cream fabric cane chairs.  Red leather and black iron chairs would blend with both the mosiacs and the lighting giving the whole room a pulled together look and would be far more inviting for a drink or snack before heading back to the tables.

The new Wynn is the same look the only difference seems to be the butterflies instead of flowers.  I realize that massive amounts of planning, installation costs and heart went into the design of the Wynn Casinos.  I just think it fell short of what could have been done in the common areas.  The rooms, suites, restaurants, nightclubs and bars all have their own unique visions and I'm not including those in this critique.

I'm just still trying to figure out what came first, the rugs or the mosaics?  That's my chicken and egg question for the week!!