Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"Bold, rich and unique" is how many clients describe BonTon Handmade Tile.  Based in Minneapolis, Mary Anderson created a line of ceramic tile with exclusive hand mixed glazes.  All tiles are made to order custom designs using old world techniques. Tile styles include: Art Deco, Art Nuevo, Contemporary and Traditional.  For more information on tiles or purses, go to

I love the designs of her purses.  Just like Mary's tile designs they are fresh and unique works of art.
So for handbag aficionado's here are some new choices for you.  
Love the look of  purple/blue mosaic with a deco from Landmark Metalcoat (  There are many more to choose from, so please visit BonTon Handmade Tile at their website or Facebook Fan Site.  Prepare to add BonTon to your list of suppliers for that bathroom renovation that you've planned for the future!!!
For kitchen and bath designers, here's a new way to advertise your business whenever anyone asks about your purse!!  Happy Wednesday and visit the BonTon FB fan page and boost them over their 400 fan goal by 4th of July.  

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


New patterns in either ceramic or concrete or both can be found at  The organic flow from walls to floors with the same design in different sizes and materials is stunning.  The design concepts of Daniel Ogassian are individual works of art for those searching for that bold expressive signature.
The architectural impact on an indoor or outdoor wall of this cast concrete pattern is amazing.  Paired with hexagonal flooring in cast concrete in the same 16" size, or even larger hexs would be such a unique custom look.  Blend the concrete or ceramics into your choice of colors.
Add a concrete cast sink in the same or complementary color and you have an unforgettable combination for yourself or your client.  A Los Angeles based artisan, Daniel Ogassian also designs furniture.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Enjoyed my visit to the Dwell on Design Show at the LA Convention Center.  Since this show was all about sustainability, I honored the adventure with a ride on three subway lines to get there.  

The first Heath Ceramics pattern is Little Diamond Mix shown in Campari Red, Paprika and New Chamois.  
I've always love the visual effect of this pattern from ancient times until now.  Roman artisans worked this pattern below into a church floor.
Found some great new layout patterns by Heath Ceramics called Dwell Patterns.  Heath believes modern design can be functional and expressive, bold and organic.
This is a Wide Hex Twist shone in Canvas Sage and Vanilla Bean.  There are very few patterns for pickets and I love this twist.  If used for a kitchen back splash or bathroom wall it would be fun to cut a few pieces of milk glass or mother of pearl to occasionally drop in for layered texture and reflections.  Go to for more tiles and patterns.

Another favorite find at the show were these great wall pouches.  Vertical walls on a roof top garden or patio walls can be used for cooking herbs or flowers bring a whole new look to outdoor art.  For more ideas and products have some fun at