Monday, March 15, 2010


Since it's automatic to change all of your clocks and the batteries in your smoke alarms every year at this time also check out your stone and tile.  If you have marble, limestone or travertine floors it is time to have them professionally cleaned and re-sealed.  I'm reminded of story several years ago when a bank manager called from Chicago about the dark, ugly stains on his limestone floor.  Bank customers came in from the snowy outdoors with salt on their shoes and there was a huge stain spreading under the free standing counter where they stopped to fill out their paperwork.  For some reason the bank manager didn't think stone floors needed to be regularly cleaned and re-sealed and the floor had been down for four years!  A stone cleaning professional was called in and he removed the stain, cleaned and re-sealed the limestone and gave the regular cleaning crew valuable tips on how to maintain the floors.  Needless to say, the bank now has a yearly appointment with professionals for cleaning and resealing.

When cleaning your stone floors, vacuum first and then mop with a mild stone soap.  I like to use steamers, they use less water, clean very well and dry faster.  

There are several ways to check your counters and grout.  With a slightly damp sponge, squeeze out some water drops on your stone counters or floors.  If the water beads up, your seal is holding, if the water is absorbed into your stone it's time to re-seal.  In the shower or tile counters if the water darkens the grout, it's time to re-seal.