Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The absolutely most confusing thing about business right now is rooted in social media.  Do we blog, use twitter, have a fan page or a personal page on Facebook, and then there is LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and a ton of other places where you can spend your day!  My feeling is that what you do first is what you feel comfortable with and then test your limits and move onto something new.  I like pinning on Pinterest, it's all about patterns in stone and tile, but I also add carpets, clothes and wall coverings in the same pattern.  For me, it's about inspiring designers, homeowners and shops what a great floor they could have, or mosaic wall.  CJ Dellatore recently posted an interview with Irene Turner who started pinning three years ago and now has over 4.5 million followers, that's a lot of potential clients, but Irene likes to pin and a few minutes in the morning and late evening is relaxing.  I used to get lots of emails from clients with photos of their finished bathrooms, backsplashes and floors.  Had them all saved on my company computer and when the system crashed they were gone.  Now you can have clients post on Pinterest and look at all the testimonials that you could have to re-post on Facebook or any send an email to that list you've been building for awhile and have never used.  Not everything has to be done at once, so find a place to just begin. It's not about advertising, it is all about connecting with your current clients and future clients in a new way.  Vote on the bathroom of the month, or the top ten backsplashes, make it fun.  If you want to be part of an intensive class on waking up sales, join the mastermind beginning on October 29th, 2013, for more information visit uniquedesignresource.com and call me.  

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